This is the traditional Major Scale pattern for the guitar. It emphasizes the notes over a very small vertical range of the fingerboard and is especially good for seeing the relationship of the notes of the Major Scale and its corresponding Major Chord. Play this pattern utilizing an alternate picking pattern.

Symmetrical Major Scales final.png

The following patterns are symmetrical variations on the Major Scale. Symmetrical Patterns are easier to learn, utilize more horizontal space of the guitar, and fit under the fingers better than the traditional major Scale pattern shown above. The pattern established on strings 6 and 5 are simply transposed to the next string set and played exactly the same way. Both patterns are to be played with fingers 1 2 and 4 and with an alternate picking pattern:

Symmetrical Major Scale Picking Pattern.
Symmetrical Major Scales final.png

Play these sequences with alternating picking pattern.

Major Scale 2-Note Sequence.png
Major Scale 4-Note Sequence.png
Major Scale 4-Note Sequence 2.png