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Impulse Responses

1964 Fender Princeton Amp

Original 1964 cabinet with Jensen P10Q speaker close mic'd with Shure SM57and Shure SM94, and room mic'd with Rode NT2.

1964 Fender Princeton Amp_Jensen P10Q Sp

1963 Fender Reverb Unit

Reissue Fender reverb unit. IRs have been made of every combination of Dwell and Tone setting with mix control set to full wet.

1963 Fender Reverb Unit Reissue Control


Kick Drum

Sample made from a water bottle pounded on the floorboard of a '92 Camaro. Great for layering onto acoustic or synthetic kicks for extra "punch."

Engineering Tools

Reverb/Delay Time Calculator

Calculate delay times/reverb pre-delay and decay times easily using this Microsoft Excel calculator.

EQ Note Chart

Easily keep track of the EQ settings you've applied to the instruments in your mix with this Microsoft Excel chart.

Reaper Themes

Custom theme designed to simulate the analog console look and workflow.

Click on image to download


Nitpicky Theme

My modification of the Default 5.0 Nitpicky theme.