Evolution of the Guitar

African Bowl Harp

Egyptian Tanbur 3500-4000 B.C

Moorish/Spanish Oud

4-String Renaissance Guitar 1600

6-String Guitar

Luis Panormo 1832

Fully Developed modern Guitar

Antonio Torres 1859

Steel String Archtop Guitar

Gibson 1900

Electric Guitar

Gibson ES 150 1936

Solidbody Electric Guitar

Leo Fender 1950

Parts of the Guitar

1 Headstock 

2 Nut 

3 Tuning pegs 

4 Frets 

5 Truss rod 

6 Inlays 

7 Neck 

8 Neck joint/Heel 

9 Body 

10 Pickups 

11 Pots 

12 Bridge 

13 Pickguard 

14 Back 

15 Soundboard 

16 Sides 

17 Soundhole 

18 Strings 

19 Saddle 

20 Fretboard 

Holding The Guitar

Left Hand Position



Precise Finger Placement

Place the tips of of your fingers (not the pads) on the strings.


Your fingers should be bent, not straight.


Place the tips of your fingers close to the frets, not in the middle of two frets.


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