Accomplishments and Milestones



California State University, Stanislaus | January 2018 - Present

Lecturer and Faculty Lead in Music Technology.


Fresno Pacific University | March 2012 - Present

  • Instructor for online/blended music appreciation class

  • I have learned how to administer course materials, lectures, assignments, moderate forums, and manage online media content. I have learned that there is much value and potential in online instruction methods.


Southeastern University Norcal | January 2016 - Present

  • Applied Guitar Instructor and Professor of Record

  • Ear training instructor

  • Music Appreciation instructor – classroom/online

  • Part of a developing commercial music program with unique academic calendar in process of accreditation


Merced College | January 2012 - Present

  • Intro to Digital Music, Beginning and Intermediate Guitar, Music Fundamentals, American Popular Music, Music Theory

  • Applied Guitar instructor

  • Guitar Ensemble director

  • Juries and performance examinations

  • Student Learning Outcome Assessments

  • Computer Music course development/music lab design and upgrade

  • Guitar Club advisor

  • Incorporated Blues/Rock history into guitar classes through lecture and in-class playing examples

  • Additional experience teaching beginning piano, jazz history, and popular music history

  • Fostered relationships with local music stores and nearby universities and colleges

  • Learned how to develop clear and thorough methods to explain the abstract concepts in applied theory. I have also learned the importance of integrating music history into applied instruction to help instill a sense of purpose and personalization in the student


California State University, Fresno | January 2012 - May 2012

  • Applied Guitar instructor for undergraduate/graduate students

  • Guitar Ensemble director

  • Juries, performance examinations, entrance auditions, and thesis review

  • Learned how to manage a guitar studio and facilitate the diverse needs of the students. I also learned and developed effective repertoire selection and conducting techniques as ensemble director



California State University, Fresno | December 2011

  • Excelled in advanced music theory and its application in performance

  • Thesis: 1: “Transcription of BWV 996 for guitar based on ornamentation found in Heinrich Nikolaus Gerber’s rediscovered 1775 manuscript.” 2. “Theoretical analysis of the second movement of Joaquin Rodrigo’s Fantasia para un gentilhombre and identification of thematic source material.” 3. “Composer’s guide to writing music for the guitar.”

  • Graduated with distinction

  • Planned, set up, engineered, and recorded live performances as Graduate TA for production department

  • Assisted in writing grant for funding of Fresno State Percussion ensemble studio recording of Isochronos CD

  • Graduate studies impressed upon me the value of instrument technique and music scholarship. From this experience I have the desire to continue learning and improving through doctoral study


California State University, Fresno | May 2007

  • Gained fundamental classical guitar technique and repertoire study

  • Composed music for various mediums including guitar solo/quartet, orchestral/symphonic, vocal ensemble

  • Learned principles of orchestration and arrangement

  • Associate of Arts in Music Composition/Liberal Studies

  • Fresno City College  ~  Fresno, CA  ~  May 2004

  • Guitar in Jazz Ensemble

  • Euphonium in Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

  • Trombone in FCC Community Symphony Orchestra/Brass Choir

  • Certificate in Commercial Music Performance – Guitar

  • Musician’s Institute  ~  Hollywood, CA  ~  May 2001

  • Commercial/Studio Music Performance emphasizing rock, jazz, blues, funk, pop and country electric guitar styles

  • Experienced first-hand the implementation of effective practice of instrument theory into performance applications


Fresno City College | May 2004

  • Guitar in Jazz Ensemble

  • Euphonium in Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

  • Trombone in FCC Community Symphony Orchestra/Brass Choir


Musician's Institute | May 2001

  • Commercial/Studio Music Performance emphasizing rock, jazz, blues, funk, pop and country electric guitar styles

  • Experienced first-hand the implementation of effective practice of instrument theory into performance applications


  • Joy Basu, Peppino D’Augustino, Elliot Fisk, Brett Garsed, Juan del Gastor, Scott Henderson, Tom Kolb, Tom Patterson, Celino Romero, Lito Romero, Juan Serrano, Mike Stern, Marc Teicholz, Carl Verheyen, Corey Whitehead

  • Dave Pensado, Mix Engineer (T-Pain, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dog, Pink, Beyonce, Justin Bieber)


-Andy “Stoker” Growcott (Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Sting, Ice Cube)  ~  composed/arranged, performed music for commercial release

-Al Carey (Crowdpleasers, Junie Morrison/Parliament, Babyface)  ~  Songwriting, composing/arranging, performing, and engineering music for commercial release

-Ernie “C” Cunnigan (ICE -T, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine)  ~  performed, and engineered music for commercial release

-Herman Rarebell (Scorpions)  ~  arranged, performed, and engineered music for commercial release

-Helene Joseph-Weil, Soprano (Luciano Berio, Leonard Bernstien)  ~  2009 Ascencíon, Ethno-Historical Cantata Gilroy, CA ~ Live Sound Technician/Crew

  • Lead Audio Consultant with the responsibility of implementing sound design and producing a live recording of the performance

  • Assisted in the creative process during voice over recording sessions, mixing sessions, and PowerPoint image assembly

  • Through score study, created audio and lighting cues that enhanced musical events

  • Planned and organized the sound reinforcement needs of the project

  • Responsible for the procurement of specialized equipment, such as wireless microphone and monitor systems

  • Quickly assessed and utilized the technical equipment systems on-location at Gavilan College, Gilroy, CA

  • Provided lighting cues via in-ear communication in addition to executing audio and PowerPoint cues during the live performance

  • Easily adapted to changes in rehearsal scheduling and was able to re-establish project priorities to maintain deadlines

  • Live sound engineering and production for Ascension performances and studio recording

-2008 James Coventry’s Onebody Theatre Company Fresno, CA

  • Sound Designer/Live Sound Technician/Crew

  • Creation of stage surround-sound spectrum utilizing computer and sound reinforcement equipment

  • Developed audio cues corresponding to lighting and PowerPoint events

  • Organized vocal/instrument microphone signals through multiple mixing consoles for sound reinforcement and monitor feeds

  • Responded to unique technical conditions of each venue by prioritizing load-in and sound check procedures

  • Managed the safe loading and unloading of audio/visual equipment at every venue

  • Responsible for the training and oversight of an assistant audio engineer

  • Produced, engineered, edited, mixed, and mastered a full-length studio recording of the production

2005-2007 Mel-Bay Publishing Pacific, MO ~ Recording Engineer/Producer/Studio Musician

  • Performed selected Classical Guitar examples

  • Produced, engineered, edited, mixed, and mastered audio examples for the instructional book The Flamenco/Classical Guitar Tradition Volume I: A Technical Guitar Method and Introduction to Music by Juan Serrano and Corey Whitehead, currently in print and internationally distributed

Current Projects:

  • Writing original works for various CSU Stanislaus and Merced College performing ensembles for performance and publication

  • Developing guitar technique handbook (with online AV interactive content) for three-level guitar classes